Social Work Licensing Clinical Exam Guide and Practice Test Set

Social Work Licensing Clinical Exam Guide and Practice Test Set

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This combined exam guide and practice test for the ASWB licensing board exam includes a total of 340 questions, available in print and via premium digital access to ExamPrepConnect offering fully interactive Q&A, plus a host of other features.

If you’re studying for the ASWB exam, this comprehensive guide and practice test set is a must-have. This fully updated ASWB exam prep product helps readers identify their weak areas so they can pass the ASWB Clinical exam on the first attempt!


Exam Guide Highlights:

  • How to Use This Guide — brand new chapter focused on how the book’s content structure links to the ASWB blueprint and how to use for more efficient study
  • Examination Overview — expanded discussion and analysis of exam content
  • Exam Preparation Strategies — new content focused on essential strategies for success, how to deal with test anxiety, and how to maximize content retention based on learning styles
  • Test-Taking Tips — a favorite with test takers, this feature has been updated to be more even more helpful
  • New Content — revised content on race, ethnicity and culture, and macro practice
  • Authoritative — developed and written by a renowned social work educator who has helped thousands of test takers pass the exam through her workshops and books
  • Blueprints — provides a thorough content review of the ASWB exam core content areas, perfectly weighted to match licensing blueprints
  • Self-Assessment — begins with a self-assessment to help identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Practice Test — includes a 170-question full practice test mirroring the actual exam with detailed explanations of correct answers


Practice Test Highlights:


  • Knowledge Gaps — helps test-takers to identify gaps in knowledge and errors in problem-solving with
  • updated rationales
  • Confidence — mirrors the structure and wording of ASWB exam to provide confidence and familiarity
  • KSAs — identifies KSAs for each question so test takers can easily locate relevant source material for
  • further study
  • Distinct — an additional 170-question full practice test that are distinct from those in the exam guide


ExamPrepConnect Features:


  • All the high-quality content from the books
  • Personalized study plan based on exam date
  • Ability to study by topic area to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Full 4-hour timed practice test that simulates the test-taking environment
  • Discussion board to connect with the social work exam-prep community
  • Games to make studying fun